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Ameei isso aqui 👏👏 Perfeito 😻😻

Thank youuu

Almost time for The Walkimg Dead!

Enjoy. Any thoughts?

A big thank you

Omg, guys, I think on Thursday I had like 6000 followers and now we’re like 9500. So THANK YOU! TO ALL!

dandm013 asked:
Qual seu personagem favorito do The Walking Dead? O meu é a Michonne!

I don’t speak portuguese, btw. But well, my favourite character is Rick, I love him since the beginning of the series!

dandm013 asked:
Oi; Quero dizer que eu amo tudo que vocês postam!!!

thank youuuuu 

The Walking Dead - Season 5: season premiere - No Sanctuary

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Ameii tudo aqui!! Parabéns :) rs

thank you so much!